Preparing Your Yard for Springtime Flowers

Yay, it’s almost Spring. The weather isn’t bitter cold and the days are longer, so you can spend more time in your garden. If you’ve done everything on your Spring garden to-do list, then you can start preparing your yard for Springtime flowers. Continue reading to find out how.

Prepare Your Soil for Springtime Flowers

The soil is the primary environment in which your springtime flowers will grow. Therefore, you must prepare your soil so your flowers can bloom.

  • Warm the soil: Your garden soil is likely still cold from the winter months. Thus, the first thing to do is to warm the soil. One way to do it is to cover the soil with plastic burlap.
  • Loosen the soil: Your garden soil would have become compacted over the winter months. Flowers can’t grow in compact soil, so you have to till the soil to loosen it up.
  • Test the soil: Test the soil pH and adjust it to support the growth of your springtime flowers. Depending on the type of soil and flowers you want to grow, you may need to make it more acidic or basic.

Prepare to Plant Your Springtime Flowers

After preparing your garden soil, the next thing to do is to prepare to plant your springtime flowers.

  • Rehab beds: Rebuild unkempt and overgrown garden beds to enable your springtime flowers to flourish. Remove debris and dead leaves, as well as rocks and gravel. Then, re-dig the bed. You may also redesign the layout to make it more appealing.
  • Add Mulch: Mulching early will help prevent weeds from growing. So, it’s important to add mulch to the soil before planting your springtime flower. You can mix your mulch with some compost for additional nutrients.
  • Set up composting area: You need a regular supply of compost to feed your springtime flowers. So, create a compost area in the corner of your yard. For instance, Azaleas and rhododendrons benefit greatly from pine needles compost.

With these, you can easily prepare your yard for Springtime flowers. If you need more help making your yard bloom with flowers this Spring, reach out to us at Levy’s Lawn & Landscaping today!