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Full-service Lawns & Landscaping Belfair WA, Gig Harbor, Allyn, Tacoma, Bremerton and surrounding cities.

A superior landscape and lawn care company, Levy’s Lawns & Landscaping, LLC provides year-round services, including patios and rock gardens, sod installation, sprinklers, excavation and other landscaping in Belfair Washington, Gig Harbor and surrounding cities. Levy’s Lawns & Landscaping, LLC design will keep your yard healthy with plenty of curb appeal. You’ll be able to turn over all the weekly lawn care chores to us and feel good about it.

One of the best landscape and lawn care companies in the Pacific Northwest, Levy’s Lawns & Landscaping provides year-round services: Patios, rock gardens, sod installation, sprinklers, excavation, ponds and provide lawn care in Belfair Washington, Gig Harbor, Bremerton and nearby regions. Additionally, we can design low maintenance Pacific Northwest landscaping .

Let us design your next patio, rock garden, hardscaping, or water feature and make your yard a landscape wonder. Not only will you wind up with a landscape design your neighbors envy but you’ll get a little time back to go do other things. Call Levy’s Lawns & Landscaping Belfair WA at (360) 876-6567  today to discuss your lawn and landscape needs.



We are experts at running front end loaders, bulldozers, backhoe’s, excavators, trenchers and skid steers, performing skilled demolition when and where it’s needed.  More >>

outdoor lighting installation by Levy's Lawns and Landscaping


Consider the often underestimated but incredibly impactful addition of fencing to elevate your outdoor oasis to new heights. More >>

Levy's Lawns and Landscaping builds backyard fencing in Gig Harbor and Belfair WA


A well-crafted yard isn’t limited to its daytime charm; the magic truly happens when the sun sets and outdoor lighting takes center stage. More >>

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Imagine a stone pathway winding through your yard. Or, an easy to maintain patio. Or, a trail of pavers. For a very low maintenance yard we recommend a hardscape. More >>

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If you’re tired of spending your weekends doing cleanup and primping your yard you will find our lawn and yard maintenance service to be just the ticket you’re looking for.  More >>

Levy's Lawns & Landscaping Belfair WA


We can take a highly visible space and turn it into a private oasis by utilizing various kinds of walls and barriers from Stone, wood, trees, plants and shrubs. More >>

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An easy care lawn, usually relies on a sprinkler system. We offer sod installation, Hydro seed and planting seed, as well as sprinkler installation.  More >>

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A water feature, pond, or water garden of any kind greatly enhances the appearance of any landscape. More >>

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