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Your Spring Gardening To-do List

Every gardener loves Springtime. Even though the weather is still cold and probably raining daily, it’s almost spring. If you’re looking forward to the next planting season, here’s your Springtime gardening to-do list to prepare your garden.

5 Things to Do in Your Seattle Garden in Springtime

Here are five things that must be on your Springtime gardening to-do list.

1.     Clean up

Avoid wasting time come spring, and start cleaning up your garden by the end of Springtime. Put on your good pair of garden gloves and waterproof boots, and clean up the leaves and other debris blow into your garden all winter. Also, clean your garden equipment and sharpen tools, such as your mower blades, shears, hoes and shovels.

2.    Prune plants

Pruning your plants will keep them healthy and encourage growth. And because they are mostly dormant in Springtime, the pruning cuts will heal faster. So, add pruning trees, shrubs, and flowers to your Springtime gardening to-do list. However, don’t prune spring-blooming trees and shrubs, and take care not to cut off emerging buds. 

3.    Spray Ornamentals

During winter, pests and disease organisms hibernate in your garden. So, apply a dormant spray on your ornamental plants to control insect pests and prevent the spread of diseases. Ensure you use a strong dormant spray blend that can eliminate insect eggs and disease spores.

4.    Plant edibles

If you want to harvest vegetables and fruits from your garden come summer, now is the time to start planting those edibles. You can start indoor seeding cool-season veggies like lettuces, broccoli, and Brussel sprouts. Make sure to provide enough fluorescent light to help them grow indoors.

5.    Go Shopping

Shopping for gardening supplies is a must-do on your Springtime gardening to-do list. Again, you don’t want to waste time that should be spent working in your garden. So, go shopping for quality seeds and bare-root stocks. Don’t forget to pick up the garden equipment you may need.

With the things on your Springtime gardening to-do list done, you’re ready to cultivate a beautiful garden come spring. If you need any help preparing your garden for the new season, reach out to us at Levy’s Lawn & Landscaping!