Watering your yard or lawn efficiently in the Pacific Northwest

While your yard’s water needs are generally well-met by an abundance of rainfall in winter months, you might re-think your strategy for spring and summer. Most often, residents of the Pacific Northwest tend to overwater their lawn or garden. By following these tips, you can make much more efficient use of your water, keeping your water costs low, year-round.

  • Water when it’s cooler. Before 10 am or after 6 pm is best.
  • Established landscapes only need deep watering twice a week. New plantings require more frequent watering. Water thoroughly, allowing the water to penetrate to the roots.
  • Water your lawn about an inch a week – slightly more during our infrequent long, hot, dry spells and less during the cooler spring and fall. (An automated sprinkler system can save you money in the long run. If you want more information on sprinkler systems, give us a call.)
  • Northwest soils tend towards clay or sandy loam. These soil types generally take longer for the water to penetrate. You might try a “cycle and soak” system, applying the water in several sessions throughout the day. With an automatic sprinkler set-up, you can simply program it and forget it.
  • Installing a drip system around shrubs, smaller plants, or vegetables, can be one of the most efficient watering systems. There are many kinds to choose from, including drippers, bubblers, soakers (inline emitters), and micro-sprayers. You can install them yourself, but if you want more information, or would like to discuss a custom install, please contact us. We’re here to help.
sprinklers sytems provide efficient watering for your yard