April gardening in the Pacific Northwest

April is an exciting time for gardening in the Pacific Northwest, as it marks the beginning of the growing season. Here are some gardening tips specifically tailored for this region in April:

  1. Prepare the Soil: Start by preparing your garden beds. Remove any weeds, debris, and old plant material. Loosen the soil and add compost or well-rotted manure to improve its fertility and structure.
  2. Plant Cool-Season Vegetables: April is perfect for planting cool-season vegetables in the Pacific Northwest. Consider sowing seeds or transplanting seedlings of crops like lettuce, spinach, kale, radishes, peas, and broccoli. These plants thrive in the cooler temperatures of spring.
  3. Start Warm-Season Seeds Indoors: While it’s still too early to plant warm-season crops directly outdoors, you can start seeds indoors for later transplanting. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, and squash are examples of warm-season vegetables that can be started indoors in April.
  4. Prune and Divide Perennials: This is a good time to prune flowering shrubs and trees that have finished blooming. You can also divide and transplant overcrowded perennial plants to rejuvenate them and promote healthy growth.
  5. Mulch and Water: Apply a layer of organic mulch, such as shredded leaves or straw, around your plants to conserve moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate soil temperature. Make sure to water your garden regularly, especially newly planted seeds and transplants.
  6. Monitor Pests and Diseases: Keep an eye out for signs of pests and diseases, such as aphids, slugs, snails, and fungal infections. Remove any affected plants or treat them with organic pest control methods to prevent further damage.
  7. Plant Native and Pollinator-Friendly Plants: Consider adding native plants and flowers that attract pollinators to your garden. Native plants are well-adapted to the Pacific Northwest climate and support local wildlife and ecosystems.
  8. Maintain Lawn Care: If you have a lawn, April is a good time to aerate, fertilize, and overseed it to promote healthy growth and lush greenery.
  9. Plan for Summer Harvest: Start planning and preparing your garden for summer harvests. Choose and order seeds or seedlings for crops like tomatoes, peppers, beans, and herbs that you want to grow during the warmer months.

By following these tips, you can make the most of April in the Pacific Northwest and set the stage for a productive and beautiful garden throughout the growing season. Call Levy’s Lawns and Landscaping for all your landscaping needs: (360) 876-6567



make the most of April in the Pacific Northwest and set the stage for a productive and beautiful garden throughout the growing season.