The Best Perennials for the Pacific Northwest

Here in the Pacific Northwest, including Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, Tacoma, Bainbridge Island and Bremerton, we’ve got a tricky climate. It yields lushness all around but it might play havoc on your perfectly planned yard. The climate might start to look like spring and turn to a cold frost, destroying new blooms. The unpredictable but constant rains might turn into a torrent, washing away newly planted seeds. Planting hardy, thriving perennials is a great way to deal with this unpredictability.  Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Hellebores, Beesia, Brunnera, Euphorbia, Mukdenia and Pulmonaria are all hardy and pretty. These plants bloom early and provide color into the summer.
  • Try Gunnera or ferns like the Athyrium Ghost (deer resistant!) for plants that make a dramatic entrance. The ferns unfurl into their green glory, while Gunnera boasts huge leaves that look almost prehistoric.
  • For delicate low-lying plants, try the Brunerra Jack Frost or Emerald Mist. Both of these disease resistant plants are also virtually deer proof.
  • For taller, colorful blooms, try Coreopsis, Coneflowers, Hemerocallis, Echinacea or even Shasta Daisies. They’ll add long-blooming excitement to your summer garden.
  • Hydrangeas can withstand temps in the frozen winters of Minnesota. They’ll love your northwest garden and provide lots of easy-care color.
  • For variety in your garden, try some grasses, like Pennisetum Red Head. This delightful grass changes colors as the seasons change, giving you year-round color.
  • Last but not least, why not plant lavender throughout your yard? It makes a wonderful, delightfully scented addition. The flowers can be brought inside and dried to make potpourri, spices for cooking and add their unique aroma to your home.
Perinneals Pacific Northwest