Planning a Wedding? Re-do your Yard for a Total Wow Venue!

Any bride or groom will tell you—finding the perfect spot for your nuptials can be a challenge. Rather than search the universe for the best place, why not transform your yard?

Here at Levy’s Lawns and Landscaping, we can help you create the wedding setting of your dreams. Here are a few ideas:

  • Turn a ho-hum concrete wall into a stunning structure with patterned stones. The overall effect will wow you.
  • Transform those blocky wooden steps and faded wood deck into smooth stone and tile stairs, leading to a stone-tiled deck. Stone and tile lasts for years and doesn’t discolor.
  • Create an outdoor BBQ/cooking area against the side of the deck. Add a cedar awning over the area to protect from weather. Your guests can gather and mingle around the BBQ, sipping their favorite libations.
  • Build a walkway throughout the yard using slate stones. Imagine a stone pathway winding through your yard. Or, a trail of pavers. For a very low maintenance yard we recommend a hardscape.  This can consist of flat stone or paver pathways or patios, rock gardens, fire pits, and a combination of raised garden beds or wood structures such as arbors and pergola’s within the hardscape.  Let us design a jaw dropping landscape that will impress your guests and take no time at all to maintain.
  • A fountain or waterfall can provide an elegant backdrop for wedding pictures. Nothing wows your guests like a gorgeous water feature, pond or water garden that is the central theme of your landscape.  Waterfalls and water gardens provide a lovely aesthetic, as well as a rippling water sound that blocks out all manner of unwanted noise created by traffic or noisy neighbors.
  • Build a privacy screen. We can take a highly visible space and turn it into a private oasis by utilizing various kinds of walls and barriers from Stone, wood, trees, plants, and shrubs.  This is particularly important when in a tight neighborhood where many houses can see each other’s backyard.  By the time we finish with your yard you’ll feel like you have your own private island.  As trees and shrubs grow they provide further shade barriers and privacy screen fencing.

Give us a call if you’d like to discuss ideas for creating the perfect backdrop for your or your son’s or daughter’s weddings. Todd Levenseller, the owner of Levy’s Lawns and Landscaping, LLC has been landscaping and designing for over 30 years. Todd has a truly artistic eye for a beautiful landscape and garden design and you will not be disappointed in his design work. With enough planning, you can have a wonderful area to host the event, leaving you with lasting memories and a yard to cherish.

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