How to Choose a Lawn Maintenance Service

Looking for a service to help maintain your lawn, garden or entire yard? Here are a few tips/questions to ask to make sure you get the best service available.

  • While you can find quality services on sites such as Craigslist, you can also find guys or gals who specialize in mow, blow and go. While this can fit with your budget, the results might be less than desirable. Ask for references. Make sure you hire a quality service that cares about your yard as much as you do.
  • If a slick salesman is sent to your door, they might be looking for a commission and promise you the moon. Again, ask for references. Check sources.
  • Find out who does the work and who supervises.
  • Does the crew speak English? It can be hard to communicate your needs on a weekly basis if you and the person assigned to your yard don’t share a common language.
  • Will you get the same crew every week, or will it be whoever’s available in the moment?
  • Make sure you know what you need and want before you shop around. Otherwise, you might be roped into services you don’t need.
  • What kind of training has the service had?
  • Peruse social media. A reputable company will have reviews on Yelp, comments on their Facebook page, or testimonials on their website.
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