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Hardscaping Ideas for the Pacific Northwest

Although the outdoor space of your home is technically just an extension of your home, you can make it a stunning get-away with beautiful and fun hardscape ideas that enhance your landscaping design. Here’s a list of how you can make terrific changes in your outdoor space to make it a cool relaxation spot and improve your curb appeal.

1. Engage Your Creative Genius

To make your outdoor area look and feel like a getaway space, you must engage your imagination and creativity. You can draw inspiration from luxury resorts and fanciful places you have visited or seen pictures of, in creating your desired design. Also, you can create a combination of different cultural hardscape styles, creating a unique design for your property.

2. Consider the Elements

While creating your outdoor spaces, consider the elements and how they are likely to affect the beauty of your outdoor area. Notably, you should take into consideration, where the sun rises and sets and then, fix structures in places that maximize the beauties of these elements.

3. Blend into the Natural Surrounding

Leverage on your already existing natural surrounding and create designs that align with it, to give your property a seamless blend. For instance, if you already have natural stone boulders, you can blend it with concrete stepping pads, or you can hardscape around your waterfall.

4. Personalize Your Outdoor Space

Everybody loves to play, have fun and relax. Your backyard is an excellent place to set up structures that enhance relaxation and fun. For instance, in addition to your regular outdoor pool and patio, you can incorporate a favorite play structure in the mix.

5. Highlight with Hardscape

You can use beautiful hardscapes to highlight different sections of your properties, as well as to create boundaries in different areas of the house. This will help provide a great view while serving the intended function of the hardscape.

6. Use Materials That Fit

Consider the style of your home before setting out to get materials for your hardscaping. For instance, if you have a traditional home, you can use brick for the hardscape, and if you have a more contemporary home, you can consider granite. The thing is, the style of your outdoor should be in agreement with the style of your home.

7. Switch Up On Colors

While it is typical to have the greys and browns outdoors, colors are also beautiful for hardscaping. You can let the outdoor areas around your pool or garden be colorful with an array of colors, by accessorizing with tiles, chairs or flowers.

8. Stay Classy

Use simple and classic materials to create a fantastic look of your backyard. You can use a combination of brick and concrete to achieve a classy style that does not outright says traditional or contemporary style.

9. Less Is More

While you may typically want to get as many details on your outdoor, often, less is more. A standard outdoor space can have just a few solid features and be appreciated more. Thus, having less will not necessarily take away from the beauty of your outdoor space.

10. Regulate Temperature

With a simple fireplace set up, you and your family are sure to enjoy the warmth on cold days, and with installing the more tradition ceiling fans, you also get to have some cool on sweltering days.

There you have it; hardscaping ideas that can enhance your outdoor landscape. However, while you can do some of it yourself, you’ll need the help of an expert to implement some of the ideas. Levy’s Lawns & Landscaping is an expert company that can help you transform your outdoor area into a stunning relaxation space. Contact us or call us at (360) 876-6567 for a free assessment of your outdoor space today!