Hardscape 101 – A Few More Ideas

No idea is too wild when it comes to hardscaping.

 As you know, hardscaping is essentially landscaping that doesn’t involve plants or vegetation. Although we shared some ideas for hardscaping your yard previously, we thought we’ll share some more ideas that will transform your yard into a stunning space.

1.    Patio Seating Wall

A seat wall is a great way to maximize a small patio and control a sloped yard. It’s a functional design element that serves as seats, as well as segments the different parts of your patio or yard. You can build the seat wall with flagstones or natural stones incorporated with manufactured materials to give it an aesthetic look.

2.   Fire Table

If you’re looking to build an outdoor fireplace, a fire table adds more sophistication to your landscape than the usual ground fire pit. There are different designs, but it’s basically a granite tabletop with a small pit in the middle. Thus, it can double as a space for dining and playing cards or board games. Also, fire tables are powered by gas, and so burn cleaner without smoke.

3.   Pergola Kitchen

A pergola is a valuable hardscape that provides shade for relaxation and extra curb appeal to your landscape. But, it can be more. Instead of a traditional pergola, you can install an outdoor kitchen and/or bar under the pergola where you can do some outdoor cooking and entertain guests.

4.   Birdhouse & Feeders

Usually, people hang potted plants or grow beautiful climbing plants. But, hanging a birdhouse and feeder on your wall or in the tree in your yard is an even more fantastic way to beautify your yard. This idea is especially great if you have a garden, as the birdscape (feeder and house) will attract birds that will help pollinate your plants. You can even add LED lights that will come on at night to make it more appealing.

Need help coming up with more hardscape ideas?

Read this post on how to get hardscaping ideas, or reach out to us at Levy’s Lawn & Landscaping today!