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Creating a Winter Wonderland in your Yard or Garden

How are you decorating your yard this festive period? Show your yard the same decor-love as your home by creating a Winter wonderland in your yard or garden. It’s not that difficult. Here’s how.


Winter Garden Wonderland Color

Colors put the “Wonder” in Wonderland. Even though it’s winter, your Wonderland can be made colorful with flowers. Flowers like the Winter Camelia, Pansies, and Helleberos can withstand the cold temperature and add a burst of color against the stark white snowy background.


Also, attracting birds like the Robin redbreast can add color to your winter wonderland, as well as melody. You may also build a fire pit to illuminate your yard and provide heat, so you can comfortably spend time in your winter wonderland yard.


Winter Garden Wonderland Scent

Bring the smell of the festivity beyond the insides of your house to your yard with sweet-scenting plants. A perfect choice is Sarcococca, an evergreen shrub known as the sweet box, which produces a fragrant honey scent during the winter.


Other plants to grow in your wonderland winter yard are witch Hazel and winter honeysuckle. Witch Hazel yellow flowers emit a lovely licorice scent. Winter honeysuckle also produces a lemony fresh scent.


Winter Garden Wonderland Decor

Decorating your winter wonderland will bring the magic of the festive season to life in your yard. Create a stunning visual with fairy lights, and lanterns hung on fir trees and draped on your decks and sheds.


You can also tie festive ribbons on trees and hang wreathed around your yard. Other decor ideas to help create an attractive Christmas or festive theme include building a snowman or Santa clause and setting up a Christmas tree.


With these tips, you can create a Winter wonderland to bring the magic of the season to your yard.   If you need help creating your Winter wonderland yard, reach out to us at Levy’s Lawn & Landscaping.