With spring just around the corner, it is time to put in some work, to get your garden bursting with life. In order to have a beautiful garden, there are a number of tasks/chores that require tending to; some of which can be quite overwhelming. To make it easier for you, be sure to check out and practice these April gardening tips we’ve put together, specifically suited for the Pacific Northwest.

Tip#1 – Fading Bulbs

Clip the flowering stems of bulbs as close to the ground as possible, when they begin to fade and die. Also, allow the leaves to die on their own gradually. In place of fading bulbs, use yellowing bulb foliage with perennials that produce beautiful flowers. Some examples of perennials you can use are daylilies, garden phlox, and so on.

Tip #2 – Containers

You can create your own garden show by using old containers and forced spring bulbs from either garden centers or the supermarket. A combination of columbine and wallflower between bulbs helps to prolong your pot’s bloom season. At the end of the season, when the flowers have faded, you can then gather the wallflower, perennial bulbs, and columbine into flower beds.

Tip #3 – Seeds

The best month to plant cool-season crops is April. Some of such crops include peas, carrots, radish, seed potatoes, onion sets and many more. A useful tip when planting seeds, is to grow lettuce and garden green seeds every week so that you can have a long salad harvest season.

Tip#4 – Seedlings & Herbs

Growing seedlings of peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants in April is not practical unless you plan to use a form of frost protection. However, you can grow seedlings of chives, mint, parsley, and oregano, as soon as you have a workable soil. Just ensure you purchase the right type of seeds.

Tip#5 – Weeds

An easy way to get rid of weed in your garden is by applying a pre-emergent weed killer to it. This weed killer interrupts seed germination and should not be applied where seeds are planted or areas where self-sowing flowers will grow. For best and long-lasting results, it should be applied early in April.

Tip #6 – Azaleas

April is a good time to plant Azaleas in the Pacific Northwest. Ensure that you cut off spent flower trusses, to neaten their appearance as well as encourage future blooms. Also, immediately after flowering, prune them if damaged branches diminish their post-bloom appearance.

Tip #7 – Houseplants & Tropical Plants

Houseplants and tropical plants should be moved outdoors and tucked in a shady spot when night temperatures rise above 50F. You can use all-purpose fertilizers to stimulate fresh growth or replace the top layer of soil with a layer of compost.

Tip #8 – Planting

Plant bare-root trees, roses, and shrubs in the coldest areas of your garden, and container-grown nursery stock, in lower elevations and coastal zones. However, you can plant barefoot or container-grown fruits like grapes, kiwis, and more in either area of your garden.

Tip #9 – Pruning

The best time to prune your spring-blooming shrubs is after the flowers have faded. Ensure that you do not postpone pruning for too long so that you do not make the mistake of cutting into the following year’s bloom.

These tips are quite easy to implement and would help improve your gardening this April. However, if you need more help, you can contact us at Levy’s Lawns & Landscaping to help make your garden a beautiful landscape.

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