Turn your Pacific Northwest Yard into a Secluded Oasis with a Privacy Wall

Let’s face it—when you’re out in the yard grilling steaks or burgers, or relaxing by the pool, you don’t always want to see your neighbors. Sure, you might love them but still you want your privacy. Or, you might want to shield your beautiful yard from the garden shed or garage. A privacy screen or wall can help.

Here are a few tips when designing your privacy wall:

  • Make sure the fence is the right height. Building a six-foot-high fence when your neighbor has a deck three feet from the ground won’t yield much privacy. Or, if you build a six-foot fence along a sloping hill only requiring a four-foot fence, you’ve wasted materials and money.
  • Check local regulations to determine if you need a fence-building permit. No sense having to tear the wall down because you built it in the wrong place or built it too high.
  • Know your property lines. We’ve all heard stories about property owners who built their fence crossing their owner’s property. Get a plot plan and stake out the property lines first.
  • Use an attractive design. While it might be inexpensive to throw up some cheap lumber, think of your overall property value. Invest in quality products and good design.
  • For variety, try a wrought iron fence with trailing vines. Or, a combination of brick and lumber might add artistic appeal. Barely carved logs lend a pastoral feel. Decorative metal can add a striking touch.

Your yard can be surrounded by neighbors yet look and feel quiet and private. The choices are endless.

At Levy’s Landscaping, serving Gig Harbor, Bremerton, Tacoma, Poulsbo, Silverdale, Bainbridge Island and other areas in the Pacific Northwest, we’re experts in turning your yard into a private oasis. We build various kinds of walls and barriers from Stone, wood, trees, plants and shrubs.

Privacy fences can turn your yard into an oasis