10 Great Ground-covers for the Pacific Northwest.

Ground covers are great ways to minimize weeds and add carpets of color to your yard or garden. Here are a few top pro and con groundcovers for Kitsap County, Pierce County, King County and outlying regions.

  1. Golden creeping jenny creeps to about 2 feet. But, it roots at each leaf node, making for a headache a few years in. Use sparingly.
  2. Impatiens omeiana, a hardy impatien, grows 12 to 18 inches high. It boasts a pewter midrib, red stems and apricot flowers in the summer. Not as aggressive as the creeping jenny and very pretty.
  3. Creeping bramble fills spaces with bristly stems and thick evergreen leaves. A non-invasive cover.
  4. The inside-out flower is a forest floor favorite. Although it dies back in the winter, its fresh, delicate leaves are worth the winter wait.
  5. Beach strawberry grows fairly flat on the ground, with shiny green leaves and red stems year round. Plant in sun or shade where lots of bare ground is available.
  6. The wire vine is a pretty ground cover, growing in mounds of wiry, glossy leaves. It can strangle neighboring plants so use with discretion.
  7. Kinnikinnik loves dry, well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. It produces trailing branches covered with oval leaves that remain green all year. Great for steep banks.
  8. Bishop’s weed is a highly aggressive ground cover best contained with sturdy concrete curbs or pathways.
  9. The piggyback plant, a well-known houseplant, flourishes in partial to full shade outside. It stays about 6 to 8 inches tall.
  10. The foamflower, a relative of the piggyback plant, grows best in the shade. It produces an abundance of flowers and spreads easily under shrubs and trees.