How to Landscape Around Your Waterfall

Landscaping around your waterfall or pond is an easy and effective way of adding beauty and value to your landscape. Whether your waterfall is a lavish or budgeted one, the addition of thoughtful landscaping around it can also help include an element of relaxation and tranquility. The following are some beautiful landscaping ideas and designs you can use, as well as ways to go about landscaping around your water feature.

  1. Pick a Style

Before you begin landscaping around your waterfall, it is important to choose a style or theme. Although there are many landscaping styles to choose from, picking the one which complements the overall theme and design of your home can help make it stand out. Some of the most common landscaping styles include Asian, Tropical, Desert Oasis, etc. If you live in an environment that supports it, a desert oasis design is very easy to arrange and also aesthetically pleasing, too.

  1. Choose the Plants to be Used

 The type of plants you want to use for your landscaping depends solely on your personal taste as well as climate, and budget. The plants you use should also be able to tolerate constant splashing of water, as there are certain plants which cannot handle so much water. If you have a luscious garden, you can choose plants like Pussy Willows, Red Osier Dogwood or Hawaiian Ti. Bamboos, in addition to the others, are great choices because they are easy to maintain and can add a beautiful backdrop to your waterfall.

  1. Add Effects

You can choose to create any design you want artificially or simply manipulate vegetation to add visual effects for you. For instance, you can use plants and rocks to shape the waterfall and also decorate it however you see fit. You can also decide to combine an already existing waterfall with another feature such as a pond or a pool to make it stand out even more.

  1. Construct a Water Source

There is a common misconception that plants around a waterfall do not need a source of water because they are already close to one. This is often incorrect, as plants around a waterfall also require a source of water for them to thrive. It is therefore important to construct an adequate supply of water for plants around your waterfall, as failure to do so will kill your plants. Also, the source of water for the plants should come from a different source aside from the waterfall itself, as water from the waterfall is not ideal.

  1. Avoid Shaded Areas

When landscaping around your waterfall, try as much as possible to avoid planting your foliage in areas where the shade from the water feature covers the plants. While a little shade is alright for your plants, it is important that they get an adequate supply of direct sunlight if they are to flourish as you expect them to. Ensure that they get their optimum amount of sunlight daily to aid their growth.

Landscaping around your waterfall will definitely enhance the beauty of your garden or yard. However, to explore all the available options and make sure it’s done right, consider hiring a professional landscaper, such as Levys Lawn & Landscaping. At Levy’s Lawns and Landscaping, we’re experts at designing beautiful water features, including thoughtful landscaping design, in your yard.  Contact us for an assessment of your yard.

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