SMall Yard Magic

Do you have a small yard in front or at the back of your house? Or your apartment just as a terrace or balcony? It’s still a yard, and you can landscape it. You don’t necessarily need a large yard  to beautify your home. Here are some landscaping ideas for your small yard to get the most out of your outdoor space.

1.     Maximize Your Yard

You can make your small yard feel more spacious with proper organization and the right landscape features. Plant columnar evergreen trees like the Crimson Spire Oak along your fence line, as they grow up and don’t take much horizontal space. Also, you can plant a vertical garden and dwarf shrubs to make the space lush or install a sauna or hot tub to transform it into a grand space.

2.    Decorate Your Balcony

When your yard is just a small patio or terrace, you can landscape it by planting flowers in containers you can place by the corners or hang from the roof. Then make the space cozy, by putting in a comfy sofa with a couple of throw pillows, and hang some string lights to give it a magical look at night.

3.    Create a Combined Space

Even though your yard is small, you can create a space that can serve as a small garden, a dining space, and a relaxation spot. You can plant climbing flowers like the Bougainville by your fence or plant some flower beds around your deck, place a dining table with collapsible chairs in the yard, and install a hanging chair or hammock.

You may be unable to install a swimming pool or a sprawling outdoor lounge, but you can still landscape your small yard to make your home look beautiful. Whether you live in a townhouse with a small outdoor space or an apartment with only a balcony, you can contact us at Levy’s Lawn and Landscape to design your small yard.

Some garden tools in a small garden